How To Take Care of Your Birkenstocks

If you’re reading this blog post you probably have a pair of Birkenstocks. If you’re one of these who are fund of their Birks and wear them on a regular basis, you certainly made your footrpint on the footbed. This is why cleaning and taking care on your Birkenstocks is a must. here are some steps and pieces of advice to consider.

Cleaning Your Birkenstocks

The cork of the footbed is one of the main areas which you want to keep an eye on. When the shininess of the cork diminishes, you can use a “cork sealer” and reapply it in a thin layer. In case your encountering difficulties applying it, try to use a paintbrush to apply the sealant. Regarding people living on the coast, this is especially important because the cork can crack because of exposure to direct heat.
Water and liquids are should also stay under your radar to protect your Birkenstock sandals. You’re probably seduced by the supportive orthotic aspect of these marvelous sandals and you don’t want to bruise them. There is a Nabuck and Suede brush that you can buy on HappyFeet and which is made to protect your sole by brushing the uppers of your footwear with it in order to loosen dust and dirt particles. After that, you can dry it with a towel.birkenstock arizona sandals cleaning

Refreshing is also something which your Birkenstocks would need on a regular basis. Accumulation of sweat stains and toe jam are unavoidable. This is another occasion to use the Nabuck/Suede brush. Start by dousing all the footbed Birkenstock’s Cleaner and Refresher and then wipe off the result using a clean cloth. Finally, use the brush to restore the texture of your Birkenstocks.

Keep Your Birkenstocks Away from your Pets

I’m almost sure that every Birkenstock owner cares so much for its pair of sandals. Gnawing is the way dogs and puppies test new objects out after having spotted it using their nose. Because chewing is one of their usual activity, your Birkenstocks are also a fun target for this activity. They wouldn’t do that to make you made but they will do it if they’re bored or stressed. So the best thing to do is to keep them away from your pets and buy a toy that will keep your pets busy.

I hope these tips will help to take care of your Birkenstocks, have a nice walk !


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5 Most Popular Invicta Men’s Watches

Welcome to another men’s fashion post of mine. Today we’ll be looking at the 7 best invicta watches for men. Because Invicta offers some great quality/price timepieces, these are one of the most popular best-selling watches, and which some of them are on sale, that you can offer yourself or your friends and family.
Invicta watches are the topic of debate of many watches forums because of the controversy about its quality and reputation. On this page I’ll list down our list of the most popular Invicta watches with a little comment on each one, so bear with me.

1. Invicta 8926 Pro Diverinvicta-8926

I don’t know when blogs and websites will stop making reviews on this one. The Invicta 8926 is definitely the most popular of all with  1,333 customer reviews  in Amazon. I think there are three main reasons for that : the striking resemblance to the famos Rolex Sumariner, the nice features ( like the Self-winding automatic movements ), and the low price of it especially when on sale as it has reached $75 only.
The Invicta 8926 is also 200m (656 ft.) water resistant, and its case measures 40m in with.


2. Invicta  9211 Speedway

The Invicta Speedway is a design copy success from the American watchmaker. Why I call it a copy? Well some of view may have already recognized or had an impression of deja-vu, the Invicta Speedway is a homage or copy of the Rolex Daytona (which costs  $12,000 ). It’s really hard to distinguish the difference when your not close to it.

3. Invicta 9937 Pro Diver


The Invicta 9937 is like the later version of the 8926 with a more sharper unidirectional coin b-edge bezel. It has a Quality Swiss Automatic Movement, which means it doesn’t need a battery. and is also 656 feet water  resistant. The Case diameter is 40 millimeters and 12 millimeters thick.

4. Invicta 0924 Subaqua


Invicta Subaqua is the name of another popular collection from the same brand. Just like the Pro Diver, these watches also destined to diving fans but which prefer big face watches. This Invicta watche’s case diameter measures 50mm and 17mm in thincknes which makes a huge watch. As expected, the water resistance is also there with 200m.

5. Invicta 6986 Pro Diver6986

This is another timepiece from the Pro Diver collection. Unlike the Pro Diver 8926, this one has a bigger face and is 48mm in width. It has a bit of resemblance to the Invicta Venom, but this one is far low in terms of water resistance as it has a rate of 100 m (330 ft) only. Also, the movement of this watch is a quartz movement.


I would like to thank for your reading time and I think that at  least of these Invicta watches has grabbed your attention to think about getting one. I have to say that the Invicta  9211 Speedway is my personal favorite, so what’s yours ?

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The Garwood Wooden Watches

The Garwood Wooden Watches

The Garwood is a wooden watches manufacturer out of 100% natural wood. The Garwood design their timepieces in Los Angeles. Clean and Modern look, their watches have seriously appealing look which is, from the first sight, clear to be destined to men. Their marketing campaigns always feature a man by the way. They have been featured in famous Men’s Fashion online magazines like GQ and Esquire. Garwood has also made a limited edition watch in collaboration with the American football player Davante Adams. The minimalist watches from The Garwood are equipped with a Japanese Myota Movement. This is not a watch made by a woodworking amateur !

The Latest Garwood Watch

The Garwood has released recently their new timepiece entitled “360”. I think they named it this way because The Garwood have always designed their watches in a cubic shape, so this is the first circular watch in their catalogue. This is also the first watch from the American watchmaker that doesn’t have a wooden strap. The strap of this watch is made of cotton felt with leather on the inside to make it comfortable on the wrist. The dial face of this model is an oil-painted carbon fiber protected under a sapphire crystal glass.

The Garwood 360 watch available on AllWoodenWatches

The Garwood Watches

The Garwood watches are all, except the 360 model, designed with a cubic face and has an arrow shaped hour/minute hand, the same arrow shape found on the brand’s logo. Almost all The Garwood watches have a purple color seconds hand, except for the “Great Dane” and “The Sumo” models which have it painted in red. The purple color on the seconds hand is a great choice as it adds a subtle coloring touch that matches both the black and the white dials of their watches.

Wood types used by The Garwood on their timepieces are mainly American Maple wood like on “The Great Dane”, Zebrawood like on “Wakati” and the Indonesian Sandalwood found on “Kuta”. The clasp is made of a Stainless Steel.

The Garwood Kuta watch

The Garwood watches prices range between $149.00 and $159. The watches are delivered with a nicely designed box in which you find the timepiece on a cute small pillow that hold the brand’s logo and a message saying “Enjoy Your New Watch”.


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Nixon Corporal SS Watch Review

Nixon Corporal SS Watch Review

Nixon is well-known for its classy and serious looking watches. The Corporal SS is one of these watches that support even more this fact. Not only that, the Nixon Corporal SS is a strong looking timepiece that will suit every man looking for a watch that respects his manhood and also the rules of the fashion industry. This watch can be styles classy and also casual. I will try in this review to go over its important features.

The Case

The Corporal SS case diameter is 48mm, and is 12mm thick, which is the Nixon-Corporal-ss-Stainless-Steel-men-Watchmost common size that will nicely fit medium to large men wrists. The material is a custom solid stainless steel, in this review i have chosen the steel grey which i personally like and which goes very well with the orange hour and minute hands. The fixed bezel is also made of the same stainless steel and that has nice reflections going on on it because of the sleek and nicely designed angle of it. The case also features a hardened mineral crystal. The screw down crown, which is a triple gasket
, has the Nixon logo symbol engraved on it and is also made of stainless steel.

A Nice Looking Dial

dialAlong with the serious solid stainless steel of the case and the band, the dial’s numbers and indices are designed to push even more the virility of the Corporal SS with because of its military inspired bold font. For optimum nighttime vision the hands are molded with luminous fill. The orange of the seeping hands is a very intelligent color choice (model chosen in this review) that the dominant grey reveals so nicely. The movement of this Nixon watch is a Miyota Japanese quartz.
Web banner with image

The Bandclasp

The look of the the Corporal SS band goes in the same way to accompany the military inspired style, and it’s made of the same solid stainless steel with a 3 link bracelet. It is 23mm wide. The clasp is a double locking with micro adjust, and has the “NIXON” letters’ written on it as you see in the picture.

Different Colors of the Corporal SS

Buy From Amazon


Whether you like a shiny bling coating, a very decent one or anything in between, Nixon gives a wide range of color choice to satisfy your taste all by maintaining a solid, classy nice looking watch that befits a man. The price that Amazon offers right now is irresistible, $137 instead of $200, Click Here to go to this discount.

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Top 10 Hoodies For Men to Style

Top 10 Hoodies For Men to Style

What better occasion than spring season to style some nice hoodies whether you want them for running sessions or it’s part of your personal look or even everything in between. That said, here are our top 10 hoodies to be tossed with, preferably,  some large pants so you get the best suitable look.

10. OLRIK Mens Hipster Pullover Hoodies

OLRIK-Mens-Hipster-Pullover-Hoodies-This OLRIK Mens Hoodies is one my favourites, somehow a bit tight at the arms, which means you’d better not be so overweight if one to put on this one, there is more down this page for you to fit better. It is a 65% Cotton 35% Polyester and there is multiple colors check the buy link in this description. And it has an intelligently place Side Zipper in addition to biker sleeve. Initially designed for Hipsters but you could style according to your look.

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9. Threads 4 Thought Men’s Triblend Zip-Front Hoodie Jacket

Threads-4-Thought-Men's-Triblend-Zip-Front-Hoodie-JacketThis is the first zip-up closure hoodie of the serie with nicely designed half-kangaroo pockets. Very lightweight one from Threads 4 Thought, ideal for spring season and summer nights. I really like this grayish China Blue.

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8. Doublju Mens Removable Hood Jacket

Doublju-Mens-Removable-Hood-JacketThis a very charistmatic half hoody half jacket style designed by USA. Imported and is a 100% Cotton. In the images is the Charcoal color but exist in other nice colors like the khaki, black and purple.

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7. URBANCREWS Mens Classic Pullover Long Hoodie Jacket

URBANCREWS-Mens-Classic-Pullover-Hoodie-JacketThis one resembles the OLRIK one, but i prefere these nicely designed Adjustable Drawstring Hood. Amazon has a variety of colors and textures, including checkerboard in black and white and a black and red one, check them up.

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 6. H2H Mens Active Casual Color Blocks Sleeveless Hoodie

H2H-Mens-Fashion-Lightweight-Hoodies-Zip-up-with-Pocket This H2H is made of Soft Cotton Fabric and which is a Lightweight. The orange trim gives a great contrast to the look along with black .

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5. Nike Men’s Club Swoosh Hoodie

Nike-Mens-Club-Swoosh-HoodieThis one is a classic from Nike. Featuring the old school brushed fleece that is a pleasure for the skin and the only drawstring closure of this top ten.Could fit anybody with its Rib cuffs.

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4. American Apparel Men’s Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie

American-Apparel-Flex-Fleece-Zip-HoodieAnother classic, but a very recent modern classic. This hoodie from American Apparel is very appreciated in the U.S. Sleek and Lightweight, it features contrast drawstrings and you can find more than 60 colors on Amazon. Could be styled open and closed.

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3. TheLees Men’s buckle zipper hoodie T-Shirt

TheLees-Mens-buckle-zipper-slim-hoodie-T-ShirtI’ve put the image of the long sleeves one, but you can find available the short sleeves also. Another hoodie that has character. Be careful when purchasing one as it fits slightly smaller than expected. It’s made of 100% Cotton.

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2. H2H Mens Fashion Lightweight Sleeveless Hoodies Zip-up with Pocket

H2H Mens Fashion Lightweight Sleeveless Hoodies Zip-up with PocketAnother great hoodies for men from H2H, casual, slip fit, sleeveless with zip-up and is a 100% Cotton. Great choice of colors are available, but i find the gray one very attractive.

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1. Carhartt Men’s Signature Sleeve Logo Midweight Hoodie Sweatshirt

Carhartt-Mens-Signature-Sleeve-Logo-Midweight-HoodedBuy From Amazon

Position Number One of our top ten goes to the amazing Carhartt hoodies featuring the brand’s signature on the sleeves along with a small nicely place logo on the kangaroo pocket. Midweight, half cotton and half polyster with multiple nice colors for you to choose.



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