Lasko 6435 Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Remote Control

Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Remote ControlLasko 6435 ceramic heater blends impeccably with surrounding décor. Its unique size and design fits where you need it and warms your living space within moments. This ceramic oscillating heater includes a timer, a multifunction remote control and a manual thermostat control.

Every single time when it comes to space heaters looks are just not enough, we also need to consider certain other factors such as power and efficiency. Lasko 6435 runs on 1500 watts of power and meets a certain safety standards. It also has an automatic timer which is precisely set to 7 hours interval. This mechanism avoids overheating related issues for the system and protect customers from fire hazard. With is elaborated safety mechanism, Lasko 6435 is undoubtable the safest space heater out there.

Speaking of the performance, these heaters are extremely quiet and highly efficient at their job. A single heater keeps even a large room warm with its lingering heat even after hours of switching it off. Valuable for keeping rooms warm and energy charges low, the Lasko 6435 offers two primary warmth settings (high at 1500 watts and low at 900 watts), and also includes a swaying fan to efficiently keep spaces warm. Since its fan is swayable upto to 90 degrees, it can be effectively utilized from the room corners.

Cleaning is important when it comes to any electronic device but surprisingly it’s quite simple with this one. There is no need of disassembling any covers or parts, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is enough to remove the dirt and lint from the grill, even a dry cloth wiping and dusting removes all the deposits from the grill and covers

Pros Lasko 6435 Designer Series Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Remote Control (2)

  • Inbuilt timer
  • 360 degree oscillator
  • Multi-function remote
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes fully assembled


  • A foul smell is reported by many people  after first few uses
  • Lasko customer service can be subpar

User Critic

The heater is amazing with its stunning aesthetics and realistic flames, however it is ideal for rather smaller rooms as infrared heating follows a different principle than conventional heaters. An infrared heaters require the objects to be within the vicinity of infrared light emitted by it to warm them up.

 Bottom line

It is a pretty small yet well designed heater, but it is enough to heat a room. Company is pushing that Lasko 6435 can rotate 360 degrees, which is not quite true. However it can rotate full 90 degrees without any issues. This winter if you are looking for an elegant yet efficient heater, you won’t be disappointed by this one.

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What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Fan

fan typesNot everybody knows that electric fans can do more than just getting rid of warmth in during summer days. Fans help keeping the air in motion and circulating it. This is important in order to maintain a fresh breeze in addition to keeping humidity levels in control. Fans can also be used for ventilation purposes with the aim to prevent harming gases from being inhaled by people withing a certain location.
You may be looking for floor fan for your office or living room, a ceiling fan for your bedroom, or a pedestal fan for your workshop, in all cases this little guide will help you have a clearer idea about the fan that suits your needs.

Which Fan for Which Location

The number one factor on which you want to base your decision of which fan to buy is which type do you need. There are various types, styles and sizes of electric fans, but most of the ones which are meant to be used in home are made with the axial technology. The type of fan you need is also based on where you will be placing the fan. Large bedrooms are not the same as small bedrooms. A basic ceiling fan may be sufficient for a small or medium bedroom to provide cool air. But in the case of a large bedroom, you may want to consider an oscillating pedestal fan so that you can move it where you want the cool air to be present most. If you want to cool down your warehouse however, you will need to get a more powerful industrial fan which has a high velocity so that it can move enough air to cool such big spaces.

A Workplace Fan

Industrial fans is the name for such types of fan that are designed to keep the air cool at the workplace. In terms of style, majority of industrial fans are made with the same technology as other standard electric fans, and you can also find various styles in this serious category. Important to note that the differentiating criterion that makes these industrial fans different from standard portable models is that the size is more important can they are built to bare higher CFMs rate without e disturbing vibrations of a standard basic fan.

A Fan for Your Home

If you have enough of heat waves that make your hot summer days painful or you just want to feel the cool breeze in your home, then many options are waiting for you. Because of their affordable price, box fans, table fans and floor fans are what consumers opt for  to deal with this temporary issue. But each of these present pros and cons and limitations that you won’t be aware until you use them. There is also another popular type and which is tower fans. These ones looks nice and usually come with some cool functions as well as a remote control to make switching from a speed to another, or turn on and off easier. Ceiling fans are also the most appreciated by people looking for  a total circulation of air in a bedroom or living room and are which are of two major categories : indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.
I hope that this little helped clear out some basic concepts regarding electrical fans. Don’t forget to share with your friends the info.

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Smart Home Automation Systems

Smart Home Automation Systems

I remember the old Sci-Fi cartoon movies and how they tried to predict what our everyday life would look like in the future, precisely in years between 2010 and 2020. Besides flying vehicles, hoverboards and biometric authentication some of these cartoons were amazingly right when it comes to the increase in terms of home automation and artificial intelligence. Home automation’s benefits are numerous, but one of the most important ones is no doubt how helpful it can be in facilitating everyday chores and other worrisome tasks around the house. So if you want to upgrade your life to the next version, maybe It’s a good idea to take a look into these technologically advanced devices to get started:

One Device for Total Control

It was obvious for many people after the first universal remote control has come out that it was just the beginning of a centralized control device. In present times, technological advancements are making universal remotes obsolete because another device, which has already conquered the hearts of most people, is the inevitable substitute and which is the smartphone. This is the case of many home automation systems such as Z-Wave controllers which comes with an app that you can install on your android or iPhone in order to monitor and control all the Z-Wave devices in the house. Check the great guide TheTechyHome have written on that. So you don’t need multiple devices to control different electronic devices no more. All appliances in your home can be turned on/off and adjusted with just a push of a button. This includes locks, curtains, TVs, doors, lights, fans and other household appliances.

A Central Hub

In 21st century, you no more have to treat all your home systems individually. Now, you can think of your household devices as being responsive entities. In addition to being able to control and command all your devices, complete home automation system will enable your devices to speak the same language and communicate with each other. This interoperability will allow your air conditioner, your fans and window blinds to exchange information and coordinate from on central hub and function for the good of your home.



One of the most interesting parts of home automation is surely the advanced security systems that it allow and that are very beneficial for modern family households. Security is one of the basic needs which technology haven’t neglected and which now allows us to automatize windows, doors, fences, security cameras, smoke detectors and more. Voice authentication also plays a crucial role here as it allows along with an advanced locking system to enter your home using your voice in case you lose your keys somewhere.

Automate Outdoors

Your exterior is also an area in which you can expand your home automation. You can for instance automate an event that will set a specific ambiance lighting automatically at a specific time after the sunset. You can also control the pH levels in your pool and also set a garden sprinkler system to work at a specific time and for set duration.

Today, with technologies like Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and ZigBee, a smart home resembling to the futuristic houses depicted in films are no more a myth and they are becoming simpler and more innovative.

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How To Take Care of Your Birkenstocks

If you’re reading this blog post you probably have a pair of Birkenstocks. If you’re one of these who are fund of their Birks and wear them on a regular basis, you certainly made your footrpint on the footbed. This is why cleaning and taking care on your Birkenstocks is a must. here are some steps and pieces of advice to consider.

Cleaning Your Birkenstocks

The cork of the footbed is one of the main areas which you want to keep an eye on. When the shininess of the cork diminishes, you can use a “cork sealer” and reapply it in a thin layer. In case your encountering difficulties applying it, try to use a paintbrush to apply the sealant. Regarding people living on the coast, this is especially important because the cork can crack because of exposure to direct heat.
Water and liquids are should also stay under your radar to protect your Birkenstock sandals. You’re probably seduced by the supportive orthotic aspect of these marvelous sandals and you don’t want to bruise them. There is a Nabuck and Suede brush that you can buy on HappyFeet and which is made to protect your sole by brushing the uppers of your footwear with it in order to loosen dust and dirt particles. After that, you can dry it with a towel.birkenstock arizona sandals cleaning

Refreshing is also something which your Birkenstocks would need on a regular basis. Accumulation of sweat stains and toe jam are unavoidable. This is another occasion to use the Nabuck/Suede brush. Start by dousing all the footbed Birkenstock’s Cleaner and Refresher and then wipe off the result using a clean cloth. Finally, use the brush to restore the texture of your Birkenstocks.

Keep Your Birkenstocks Away from your Pets

I’m almost sure that every Birkenstock owner cares so much for its pair of sandals. Gnawing is the way dogs and puppies test new objects out after having spotted it using their nose. Because chewing is one of their usual activity, your Birkenstocks are also a fun target for this activity. They wouldn’t do that to make you made but they will do it if they’re bored or stressed. So the best thing to do is to keep them away from your pets and buy a toy that will keep your pets busy.

I hope these tips will help to take care of your Birkenstocks, have a nice walk !


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Top 10 Hoodies For Men to Style

Top 10 Hoodies For Men to Style

What better occasion than spring season to style some nice hoodies whether you want them for running sessions or it’s part of your personal look or even everything in between. That said, here are our top 10 hoodies to be tossed with, preferably,  some large pants so you get the best suitable look.

10. OLRIK Mens Hipster Pullover Hoodies

OLRIK-Mens-Hipster-Pullover-Hoodies-This OLRIK Mens Hoodies is one my favourites, somehow a bit tight at the arms, which means you’d better not be so overweight if one to put on this one, there is more down this page for you to fit better. It is a 65% Cotton 35% Polyester and there is multiple colors check the buy link in this description. And it has an intelligently place Side Zipper in addition to biker sleeve. Initially designed for Hipsters but you could style according to your look.

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9. Threads 4 Thought Men’s Triblend Zip-Front Hoodie Jacket

Threads-4-Thought-Men's-Triblend-Zip-Front-Hoodie-JacketThis is the first zip-up closure hoodie of the serie with nicely designed half-kangaroo pockets. Very lightweight one from Threads 4 Thought, ideal for spring season and summer nights. I really like this grayish China Blue.

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8. Doublju Mens Removable Hood Jacket

Doublju-Mens-Removable-Hood-JacketThis a very charistmatic half hoody half jacket style designed by USA. Imported and is a 100% Cotton. In the images is the Charcoal color but exist in other nice colors like the khaki, black and purple.

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7. URBANCREWS Mens Classic Pullover Long Hoodie Jacket

URBANCREWS-Mens-Classic-Pullover-Hoodie-JacketThis one resembles the OLRIK one, but i prefere these nicely designed Adjustable Drawstring Hood. Amazon has a variety of colors and textures, including checkerboard in black and white and a black and red one, check them up.

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 6. H2H Mens Active Casual Color Blocks Sleeveless Hoodie

H2H-Mens-Fashion-Lightweight-Hoodies-Zip-up-with-Pocket This H2H is made of Soft Cotton Fabric and which is a Lightweight. The orange trim gives a great contrast to the look along with black .

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5. Nike Men’s Club Swoosh Hoodie

Nike-Mens-Club-Swoosh-HoodieThis one is a classic from Nike. Featuring the old school brushed fleece that is a pleasure for the skin and the only drawstring closure of this top ten.Could fit anybody with its Rib cuffs.

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4. American Apparel Men’s Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie

American-Apparel-Flex-Fleece-Zip-HoodieAnother classic, but a very recent modern classic. This hoodie from American Apparel is very appreciated in the U.S. Sleek and Lightweight, it features contrast drawstrings and you can find more than 60 colors on Amazon. Could be styled open and closed.

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3. TheLees Men’s buckle zipper hoodie T-Shirt

TheLees-Mens-buckle-zipper-slim-hoodie-T-ShirtI’ve put the image of the long sleeves one, but you can find available the short sleeves also. Another hoodie that has character. Be careful when purchasing one as it fits slightly smaller than expected. It’s made of 100% Cotton.

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2. H2H Mens Fashion Lightweight Sleeveless Hoodies Zip-up with Pocket

H2H Mens Fashion Lightweight Sleeveless Hoodies Zip-up with PocketAnother great hoodies for men from H2H, casual, slip fit, sleeveless with zip-up and is a 100% Cotton. Great choice of colors are available, but i find the gray one very attractive.

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1. Carhartt Men’s Signature Sleeve Logo Midweight Hoodie Sweatshirt

Carhartt-Mens-Signature-Sleeve-Logo-Midweight-HoodedBuy From Amazon

Position Number One of our top ten goes to the amazing Carhartt hoodies featuring the brand’s signature on the sleeves along with a small nicely place logo on the kangaroo pocket. Midweight, half cotton and half polyster with multiple nice colors for you to choose.



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